Published: 21/05/2021


Like the mythical salamander, those who know how to deploy effective thermal insulation systems have no problem with heat.

Thanks to the partnership with MasterBatch, specialized in the production of self-extinguishing masters, 2Mila is now able to supply LDPE grades produced by Kazanorgsintez to manufacture thermal insulation in PE foam, effective in avoiding damages from overheating and meeting the highest standards in terms of fire prevention.

2Mila Srl has always pursued a clear objective: to provide its customers with tools to seize new opportunities.

It has done this with technical compounds adapted to the needs of the main industrial sectors such as: Automotive (PC/ABS), Electrical (PC-GF V0) and Household Appliances (ABS).
Subsequently, it has been able to respond to the need to contain production costs with a series of compounds composed in part of recycled raw materials from selected industrial waste: the IQ grades.

Over time, pursuing its vocation of “solution provider”, it has introduced an interesting range of Polycarbonates for moulding and extrusion technologies, the “GreenTower” of the Russian petrochemical company Kazanorgsintez (Taif Group). These materials are produced with one of the most advanced plants, completely Phosgene free.
We should also not forget specialist HDPEs such as PE100, for water and gas piping.

On the sustainability front, 2Mila was very early in signaling the unstoppable trend “towards bio” and brought to Italy the technical bio-compounds of the Finnish company ABM (Artic Biomaterials). This not conventional compounder is also the only producer of compostable Glass fibers, a reinforcment that allows any bio-polyester to make a technical quantum leap, without losing the added value of compostability, in industrial composting plants (EN13432).

It is from these roots that today 2Mila is pleased to announce a new technological collaboration with company MasterBatch of Casei Gerola (PV).


Self-extinguishing masters for all types of polymers

MasterBatch is a particularly dynamic company specialized in the production of self-extinguishing masters, suitable for all types of thermoplastic polymers (technopolymers and commodities).
The masters produced by MasterBatch are often made to measure.
Materials that allow to obtain self-extinguishing classes in line with the needs of the main certifying bodies such as: UL, AFNOR, BSI, CSA, etc…

Fire safety, as we know, affects all industry sectors and environments, from private domestic to public ones.  The main rule for preserving goods and people from fire-related damage is prevention.

In other words, the ability of a system (object/raw material) to make ignition difficult and, if this occurs for exceptional reasons, to slow down the phase (time) of flame development, preventing it to rapidly reach the point of no return, called “flashover” (the moment in which due to the high temperature, everything that is near the source of the primary flame spontaneously catches fire), before the protection systems come into operation.

Fire Protection Service
Source: Dr. Jürgen Troitzsch – Fire Protection Service

Some materials have intrinsically a lower propensity to ignite thanks to their LOI (Oxygen Index), or to feed the flame , in stable environmental conditions, as they are already equipped with a natural anti-flame system (e.g. chlorine in PVC).

Others instead, if not adequately modified with specific additives, ignite easily and become real natural flames (e.g. EPS, PE and PP).

Thanks to the most modern self-extinguishing systems of MasterBatch, also materials like these can find applications in different technical fields, in complete safety.

Oxygen index


Tailored solutions for every need

The addition with self-extinguishing masters is a well-established practice that allows to obtain the best safety performances, according to the real needs of the product.

The FR masters allow greater flexibility/freedom of action, reducing the constraints sometimes caused by the difficult availability of certain ready-to-use polymers. The variable “viscosity” can influence the choice of the percentages of master necessary to obtain the expected result.

The formulations, made on board the plant, are in fact influenced by the viscosity of the polymers adopted, but this does not represent an obstacle for the achievement of the final objective.

In the table we can see some solutions (product/raw material/application/result) that allow to appreciate the flexibility of MasterBatch solutions.

Of particular relevance for thermal insulation in Building and Plumbing fields are MasterBatch grades for expanded products (pipes and sheets) to be used on polyolefin base.

MasterBatch experience has allowed to obtain products, combined with nucleating and anti-sagging agents that provide a set of unique properties to the materials. These formulations allow the use of various types of Polyolefins (PP or LDPE) with viscosity ranging from 0.1g/10′ to 2.0g/10′.

This particular production technology (X-foams), often requires that the formulation is modified/adapted to the type of polymer chosen, or to the type of production plant in use. MasterBatch’s technical service is extremely prepared and able to suggest the best specific technical solution for the best quality output.

In the table here below we list the main types of extruded foam systems.

Thanks to the commercial and technical cooperation with MasterBatch, 2Mila Srl is today able to support its customers with different LDPE (Kazanorgsintez products) grades, particularly suitable for extrusion of foamed semi-finished products. Among the most interesting extrusion grades are LDPE10803-020 and LDPE15313-003.


The first grade, thanks to its excellent mechanical characteristics, can be used in the Building and Plumbing (HVAC) sector. The second type has the advantage of being suitable for food contact and is therefore a good candidate for applications sensitive to this issue. For example secondary packaging, or impact protections in food production/management lines.

Thanks to the deep experience of the MasterBatch company and to the competence of 2Mila Srl officers, our customers will have from now on an effective and competent tool to help them to meet their needs and the needs of their customers” said Mr. Caccolini CEO of 2Mila Srl.


For more information: info@2milasrl.it

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