Quality ETPs

Existing or developed for you to obtain the best result

Our extensive know-how, gathered in decades of activity in engineering Compounds allows us to interpret and satisfy almost any customer need. Knowledge in regulatory aspects, price dynamics and application development steps (form → function → production) allows us to offer you the ideal solutions at the right price.

We keep a eye to the future, our attention is for the overall Carbon Foot Print reduction (CFP) in existing applications made with fossil materials (with our IQ solutions) and focuses to the best and smoother transition to the new frontier of Biopolymers, thanks to our new (HP-BP) High Performance Biopolymers.

Is your industry segment confronted with specific standards?
Our experience and expertise allow us to identify the formulation that best suits your needs among those available or through specific ones made all around the application needs. We offer you:

  • products specifically designed to meet your industry demand
  • innovative solutions carefully developed by selected partners to give you the best performance at the best price
  • controlled manufacturing processes to guarantee the best final result


Does your company have offices abroad? Do you want a customized solution with best quality/price ratio delivered in all your subsidiaries? We deliver throughout the whole of Europe!

Our ETP solutions and IQ compounds are perfectly calibrated around the needs of the application. With our IQ Compound you will achieve the quality required by your sector, without spending more than necessary.
In particular our IQ compound solutions with a favorable CFP (Carbon Footprint) are:

  • formulated “ad hoc” to provide specific, agreed, characteristics needed by the application
  • made with qualified raw materials and processed with adequate techniques, supported by our CoA (Certificate of Analysis) for every supplied lot
  • characterized by an unbeatable price-performance ratio to maximize your savings in complete safety

Our Proposals

Chose the most suitable for your needs:
we are available to suggest the best product for you.

ETP and Compound

Our product range.
Chose the best Compound according to your needs we are available to suggest you the best product for you and your segment.

High quality Technical Compound in line with the more qualified products available on the market.

IQ Solutions

ETP Compounds created for you with constant technical characteristics, lot after lot, with a dedicated CoA (Certificate of Analysis) and the best price/performance ratio.


Selected products at the top of our range, to add value to your applications and offer cost solutions for precise application needs:

Xvalue Second life

The Xvalue™ Second life family, aims to meet sustainability needs without compromise.
High and constant quality; from post-consumer polymers, guaranteed by the Plastics Second Life brand (certified by IIP – Istituto Italiano dei Plastici).
Key objectives: performance in line with application needs and less content of CO2 on board.


For any specific need we are available for you to study the “ad hoc” ETP for you. Call us for a free of charge consultancy!