Thermal resistance, flame resistance, certifications

all that the Electrical and Lighting segments need

If your Company works in the Electrotechnical or Lighting segment and is in search of a partner that listens to and understands your needs and the needs of your application, willing to satisfy them at the best; talk to us!

Decades of experience matured in the Electrical segment in the wider sense of the word, with active participation to CEI-IEC TC89 committee responsible for fire standards on plastics; makes us a prepared counterpart for the identification of best polymers for your application.

The ETPs (such as Polycarbonate, PAs and PC/ABS standard or reinforced) are very well known and appreciated products in Low Voltage applications such as: bases and supports, lighting chassis and bodies, metering and control housings, control panels, emergency lights bodies, and several other applications where ever a perfect shape and high dimensional stability are required.

For any plastic application you would like to make, do not hesitate to call us for a verification.
We work also with tailored products able to precisely answer any standard need of these segments, such as:

  • REACH, RoHS compliance
  • conformity with most required quality certifications
  • conformity with IEC standards (International Electrotechnical Committee)* for finished products
    * The most popular IEC standard in this segment are: CTI (Comparative Tracking Index), ignition test like GWT-NFT, self extinguish test (UL94-IEC), surface softening (BPT), different IP test (hammer impact test).

Our Xvalue® family has been developed to satisfy the needs of the Electrotechnical industry, which is strategic for any Country. In this family a range of PA6 is present made for industrial plugs and sockets in 9 base colors, with the possibility to expand the range to new ones. This is the an additional value for you.

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The mechanical properties of applications

A perfect design and right material: this is the winning combination for a safe application in Electrical and Lighting field.

If you are in the design phase of a new application, facing thermal, electrical, fire behavior requirements; our solutions are ready for you.

The ETP properties

Our compounds satisfy the needs of designers and offer them:

  • thermal resistance in a wide range of temperatures
  • high dimensional stability in humid environments
  • flame retardancy and low flame propagation
  • low toxicity of smokes (halogen free versions)
  • behaviors in line with IEC standards
  • UL 94 certification (yellow card)
  • nice surface appearance (glossy or opaque)
  • REACH and RoHS compliance

Range of products

Choose the product that best suits your needs:
we are always available to suggest the right solutions.

ETP and Compound

Quality ETPs with the needed characteristics to obtain the IEC approvals of the segment.
It is possible to have IQ versions with CoA (Certificate of Analysis). Discover all of them!


For any particular need we are always available to study the best ad hoc ETP for you.
Contact us for a free of charge consultancy!