Technical Polymers

From Fossiles to Bios, we are with you

By the side of plastic raw material converters

We at 2Mila in over forty years of professional activity have acquired an extensive experience in the field of technical materials, Technopolymers, both in Italy and internationally.

Since 2010 we have also carefully followed the evolution of Biopolymers: materials that have set the ambitious goal of replacing, in the long run, most of the best known fossil products in various application fields.

Thanks to our experience gained in the market and alongside the converters of raw materials as well as their End Users, also defined as “OEMs” (Original Equipment Manufacturer), we are able today to help the customer in his business. Very often solving the reasonable doubts that could emerge when a choice has to be made about the best product for the best application or function.

With the unshakable desire to be actively and proactively partners for our customers, we continue to select raw materials capable of expressing the best technical profile, together with the best economical convenience.


Are you looking for suggestions? Our experience is available for you

Our Technical and Marketing assistance is constantly at the service of the customer to help him optimize the performance of the application and the technical communication of the finished product which, in the case of applications made with Bio materials for example, passes today for the LCA analysis of each molded part.

This free analysis allows to have a direct comparison between the current version, in traditional fossil polymer and that in the Biobased or Degradable Compostable version supplied by us in collaboration with ABM Composite Oy.

Our proposals

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we are at your disposal to recommend the best product for you.


Thanks to a commercial collaboration between 2Mila Srl and the petrochemical center of Kazan (RU) of the Taif Group, it is now possible to appreciate also in Italy a range of transparent Polycarbonates made by Kazanorgsintez. High quality materials, suitable for any processing technology (Injection, Extrusion, etc …) competently selected and proposed by 2Mila Srl staff.


In the Polyolefins sector, High Density Polyethylenes (HDPE) are high value products in terms of performance and are used in applications with a high technical content. Kazanorgsintez’s HDPE range is characterized by strength and easy process-ability. Among these materials we have selected for you those most suitable for the production of technical articles, the extrusion of pressure pipes for Water and Gas (PE100 +), or for protective sheaths for cables.


The plastic evolution toward Bio solutions is unstoppable. If you would like to be part of this change, already today, chose the HP-BP (High Performance Biopolymers) of ABM Composite.


Among the Polyolefins (PE and PP), Low Density PEs (LDPE) are the most widespread products as they are linked to the production of consumer goods widely present in our daily life.
The most common uses concern packaging in the form of bags of various types, thickness and weight, even in direct contact with food. The LDPE product range of Kazanorgsintez (Kos) is the result of a constant attention to the needs of the internal and European market. These LDPEs are characterized by a consistent quality and an excellent processability. Among the different products we have selected and highlighted here for you the most commonly used ones, suitable to be processed with extrusion, blown extrusion, blow molding and injection molding technologies.


For any specific need we are available for you to study the “ad hoc” ETP for you. Call us for a free of charge consultancy!