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Precise technical performances for the transport segment

The transport market, in its wide definition, needs compounds characterized by a high level of complexity.

As a natural fact, to the related materials it is required to adhere to severe standards of production as they have to guarantee constant characteristics and performance in time.

It is a ground that results as a real challenge for converters. Complexity sometimes increased even more by the type of polymers chosen by OEMs and, last but not least, by the high level of aesthetics and functions imposed by designer creativity. It is common knowledge, though, that the Automotive design and solutions are an important reference also for other industrial sectors.

The needs of this segment are in constant evolution. To satisfy such evolving needs the raw material industry has made high creative effort and developed outstanding materials, largely used today in several other industrial segments. As an example we can indicate the PC/ABS alloy, or the PC/PBT alloy. Materials that have perfectly combined the mechanical performances with thermal or chemical resistance with, additionally, a very nice surface finishing and a very good process-ability.

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If you are facing the challenges posed by the transport segment such as:

  • lower weight
  • good mechanical properties
  • high impact and consistency
  • optimal price/performance ratio
  • CFP (carbon foot print) reduction

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