A passion that became a project

Since 1999 we have supported our customer’s activities with Technical Compounds (ETP) tailor made for them and we do this with our best “Solution Provider” spirit; a technical specialist you can count on.

The words Consultancy and Partnership for us still have their deepest meaning.

Dynamically active in the Reselling and Trading of ETPs Compounds, we have matured a deep knowledge of materials and conversion technologies. Since 2012 we have entered also the bio-polymers field and the related environmental impact needs. A long experience that brought us to a technical and commercial partnership with ABM Composite, a Finnish company, specialized in the design and making of high performance Bio-Composites.

Thanks to our consultant service, free of charge, it is possible to identify and develop a compound with the best technical characteristics, those that fit and answer better the specific needs of our customers.

We are fully committed to provide you with everything you need.

A wide and available know-how that allows us to satisfy any specific need in different industrial segments such as: transport, small appliances, electrical and lighting. Our knowledge about the relevant standards, in trading dynamics and in the so called “application development path” (shape, function, production) becomes a vehicle to quickly achieve the best solution at the most appropriate price.

Our vision of the world is more and more green and with a low environmental impact.

Our long experience matured in application development with traditional technopolymers helps us to make precise proposals for the CFP reduction of final parts, with “ad hoc” solutions.
Our IQ compounds, for instance, do not only provide the needed technical characteristics, they also refer to a clear philosophy which has a precise focus on the environment as a gift to preserve. The same philosophy that stimulates us to actively contribute for a conscious transition towards green sustainable products for a better world and living environment for the future generations.
When the fully Bio polymers are not able to satisfy the stringent needs of an application (eg. thermals), we can propose hybrid bio based versions. These are partially bio solutions, often not degradable or compostable, which anyhow give us the chance to reduce the weight of the CO2 e in the final parts.

Our geographical presence
Our service and our compounds are distributed and appreciated in several EU countries such as: Spain, Portugal, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.