We add value to your application

We know which products can fit your application and satisfy your needs, at the best price possible.

Our free of charge consultancy service helps to identify the right material for your application, with the best combination of technical properties. An advantage for your production and for the quality/price ratio of the final product.

We offer our support in every phase

  • from the listening phase to list your needs, to the analysis of technical material characteristics,
  • from the optimal solution proposal to the technical assistance in the developmental phase of the idea ,
  • form the product delivery to its conversion in moulded part.

Also with personalized solutions

Our solutions will be driven by your priorities, such as:

  • aesthetic
  • flame behavior
  • strength (mechanical or thermal)
  • economical savings

Solutions able to satisfy internal and external standards (eg. EN, ISO or ASTM).

When the standard solutions are not enough, because of production costs or specific technical characteristics required by the application, you can count on our support. Together we will find the most suitable solution for you!


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for any need related to compound and biopolymers, we will be always available for you