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In your future there are our biopolymers

In this delicate phase of transition from fossil polymers to sustainable, degradable and compostable Biopolymers, we at 2Mila would like to be a pro-positive partner for all those companies that are currently using the traditional polymers.

We have a long experience in application development, matured with fossil polymers which allows us to offer to converters, designers and OEMs the necessary know-how for a smooth and safe transition from current materials to Biopolymers. In both, existing applications or completely new ones. The ArcBiox™ product range includes polymers that could be considered HP-BP (High Performance Bio-Polymers).

These products can drastically reduce the CFP (Carbon Foot print) of applications thanks to polymer compounds with >90% of renewable resources. For a precise calculation of the CO2 on board it is necessary to make a full LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).

2Mila has monitored from many years the trends of the Plastic segment to identify the best answers to its customers questions (converters and OEMs). We always prefer to anticipate the questions and to propose solutions in line with the needs of the market.

The more frequent question today is: can I convert my fossil application in Biopolymer?

Thanks to our cooperation with ABM Composite Oy we have today at our disposal different materials (compound) with excellent performances from which we can thoroughly choose the best ArcBiox™ HP-BP product, suitable for your application.

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ABM Composite Biopolymers

High Perfomance Biopolymers + Italian creativity, a winning compound!

2Mila and ABM Composite (Arctic Biomaterials Oy), offer themselves as Solution Providers for the Italian market.
Solution partners thanks to their technical and commercial partnership, their deep experience in polymers and outstanding, unusual, technical performances of ABM materials. Together they can offer to most advanced and creative Italian companies, all the necessary support for a safe and fast transition into the new Biopolymer era. While fully respecting the environment.


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