Top quality HDPE

produced and selected by Kazanorgsintez


Kazan’s publicly owned joint stock company “Organichesky Sintez” is one of the largest chemical companies in the Russian Federation (affiliated to the TAIF group).

Kazanorgsintez PJSC produces 40% of the total production of Polyethylene and 100% of the Polycarbonate produced in Russia.

The product mix includes, in addition to raw materials such as Bisphenol A, Polycarbonate and Polyethylene; also the production of polyethylene pipes for gas and water under pressure, of various diameters. The total annual raw material production (Polymers) is 1.7 million tons. All Kazanorgsintez PJSC products are certified according to the Gosstandart system of the Russian Federation. The high quality expressed by these products allows them to be exported outside Russia. Kazanorgsintez PJSC is the largest PE exporter among Russian producers and exports in 31 countries around the world.

Thanks to the commercial collaboration agreement established between 2Mila srl and Kazanorgsintez, our customers can today also count on a selection of HDPEs (High Density Polyethylene), specific for some important industrial sectors. The HD Polyethylene grades imported by 2Mila Srl are mainly focused on the needs of the Extrusion sector. In particular, the PE100 product for the high technical segment of pressure pipes for Water and Gas. The Kazanorgsintez PE100 is recognized by the PE100+ association.




Kazanorgsintez (Kazan) Company produces 500,000 tons of HDPE per annum with a dedicated and modern plant. Of this total capacity, 200,000 tons per year are specifically dedicated to the production of PE100 with a fluidity range (MFI) from 0.15g/10′ to 0.30g/10′.

These fluidities  are typically appreciated for the production of pipes, in compliance with ISO 4427-1: 2007 and ISO 4437-1: 2014. A part of its annual production is reserved for the domestic market. The company is in fact the largest producer of HDPE pipes in and for the Russian market.

The European Pipe market is certainly among the most selective and technically demanding, regarding the properties of raw materials. The reference standards for this technical sector – pressure pipes for water and gas – are: UNI EN 12201 -1: 2012, UNI EN1555 – 2: 2011, UNI EN 15494: 2015.
To comply with the regulatory requirements, the materials are allowed to have a range of fluidity but in no case are they allowed to fall below 0.20g/10′ of MFI.

To meet these needs, Kazanorgsintez makes an accurate selection of the viscosities of each single batch produced, so that it is always in tune with the needs of its EU customers’ production plants and specific EN standards.


To understand the needs of this important industrial segment, it should be remembered that for at least thirty years, thanks to the innovative drive of the major polyethylene manufacturers, the world of extrusion of pipes for water and gas under pressure has focused on total quality. This has allowed the finished products (pipes and fittings) in HDPE to win the competition against traditional materials such as: Cast Iron, Steel, Stoneware and Cement.

The longer duration, the lower environmental impact (LCA) and the lower installation costs of HDPE, particularly PE100 and PE100 RC, convinced the Municipal Companies to adopt it. They were able to adopt new and innovative installation techniques such as the “no dig” laying technique. This is a great step forward that has reduced the discomfort for citizenship to zero, typically caused by construction sites during the installation work. HDPE pipes also offer a guarantee of at least 100 years. A result of high total quality approach, achieved thanks to the collaboration between large and small companies of the sector.

The Kazanorgsintez PE100 specific for technical pipes, is the grade:

PE100 registered by the PE100+ association. The material is available in black and in various MFIs, to meet the needs of European customers.
In addition to this specific product for pipes, the wide range of Kazanorgsintez HDPE offers grades suitable for each processing technology.

Among those most used we mention:

both suitable for Blow Molding technology for the production of bottles and hollow bodies, with a different level of surface glossiness

a grade specific for the Extrusion of Cable protections

is a grade specific for the Extrusion of Cable Sheaths

a grade intended for cold food packaging, bags and other broad purposes packages. It is meant specifically for the extrusion of packaging films.

a grade meant to be processed with the extrusion method into films of minimum 5 μm thickness and used for cold food packaging and other general purposes such as bags or in a wide variety of packaging.

a specific injection moulding grade for household articles and applications. It shows an increased cracking resistance which made it suitable for bottle lids, box covers, containers, trays, housewares and toys.


Download here the catalog of available HDPE products.