From ABM Composite The New ArcBiox X4 Degradable Glass Fibers

Published: 05/12/2022

From ABM Composite The New ArcBiox X4 Degradable Glass Fibers

The ArcBiox X4 chopped strand degradable glass fibers are designed to reinforce bio-based and biodegradable polymers, while maintaining or even improving their compostability. The proprietary glass composition has been developed at Arctic Biomaterials and enables the production of unique high strength fibers.

Figure 1. ArcBiox X4 chopped strand glass fibers.
Figure 2. Cross sectional view of the ArcBiox X4 glass fiber dissolution in water.

Key features

  • Figure 3. Degradable glass fiber reinforced (20 %) composites show excellent processing also in complex molds.

    Roots in the biomedical industry where “bioactive glass” has been used for decades

  • Now available as high strength fibers with mechanical properties similar to E-glass
  • Slowly dissolves and degrades in water leaving only natural minerals behind
  • Enables compostable high-performance composites
  • Accelerates biodegradation of certain polymers
  • Sizing suitable for polyesters
  • ArcBiox X4 technical grade glass fibers are available at industrial scale.


Technical performance of X4 glass fibers

Figure 4. Mechanical properties of a biodegradable and bio-based ArcBiox blend with and without X4 glass fibers compared with conventional glass fiber reinforced fossil plastics.


An ArcBiox X4 glass fiber reinforced composite was granted a composting certificate in industrial composting conditions (EN13432) to proof the concept. With certain polymer matrices, the X4 glass fibers have been shown to even accelerate the biodegradation and disintegration processes.

Figure 5. Fast disintegration of injection molded degradable glass fiber reinforced polylactic acid (PLA) composite sheets in an industrial composting setting.

The ABM composite technology offers bio-based and biodegradable high-performance ArcBiox™ compounds, which can replace oil-based plastics, such as PE, PP, ABS, PS and glass-reinforced PA, PP and PBT


ArcBiox™ BSGF-series

Applications: Cutleries, kitchenware, food packaging, technical semi-durable products.

Key advantages

  • Degradable glass fiber reinforced PLA-based compounds with a bio-content of 75%
  • Sustainable alternative for glass-reinforced PP, PBT and PA
  • Compostable (EN-13432/Industrial compost)
  • Suitable for food contact applications
  • Temperature resistance up to 110 °C (HDTb)
  • Fast processing cycles in a cold mould (30-40 °C)


ABM -World’s strongest biodegradable composite materials

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