Published: 12/02/2021


What differentiates 2Mila Srl is the proven attention to the quality of the IQ materials offered.

This is based on a direct commercial and technical cooperation with NOVALCA Srl, a leading Italian compounder and partner specialized in Technical Compounds both Amorphous (ABS, PC/ABS, PC) and Semi-crystalline (PA6 and 66).
The latter are generally black and reinforced with glass fibers. Products that follow customer needs, supported by the traditional technical approach of 2Mila commercial service.

Certified Quality

Quality does not come out of the blue, it is a result of a systematic approach.

All raw materials are inspected, homogenized and analytically tested in the Novalca lab in accordance with international standards.
These preliminary steps assure the reliability of the final compounds and make them able to meet both molders’ and end-users’ technical specifications.
2Mila Srl consultancy and compunding service is mainly focused on Electrical, Lighting, Appliances and, last but not least, Automotive markets.

To these industrial segments the company propose tailor made competitive compounds, technically customized and custom colored.

In 2020 2Mila Srl has obtained the ISO9001-2015 certification.


A valid tool to tackle changes

Particularly strategic for these segments is the IQ (Industrial Quality) family.
This product family is made to answer specific needs and to offer an opportunity for cost saving.

2Mila Srl devotes high attention to the needs of the different market segments it serves.

The IQ family is the result of such attention. This product family is born to provide a specific answer to specific needs. It implies a change in the traditional relationship between customers and supplier in favor of a more open and cooperative approach.

Change is a constant today, we see it in every industrial field.
Technologies are evolving in every field and impose a revision of traditional models, both in products and in business relationships.
As an example let’s look at the LED lamps instead of the old filament based ones, which were very critical for the lamp-holder polymers and  required a certain distance of the main body from the lamp due to their high temperatures.
Or, let’s consider the heat generated by Computers, which in the past were like heat generators while today, thanks to new processors, they are just mildly warm, smaller and they last longer.

The strong trend toward electric engines in the Automotive sector will represent a turning point for many under the bonnet applications that up to today were characterized by very high temperatures.


Environment-friendly alternatives

In the meantime, and this its a real big change, in every industrial segment the attention toward the environment is growing (Life Cycle Assessment), opening the door to new solutions with lower weight and lower CO2 content.
For the producers and their applications, new ambitious targets have been set for the reduction of their environmental impact.   

The 2Mila-Novlaca  IQ family is made to answer also this new environmental request.

Every grade has embedded a minimum quantity =>30% of selected industrial recycled material and answers to emerging needs such as:

  • specific tailored performance
  • balance between technical properties and costs
  • constant and certified quality of technical predefined parameters
  • environmental care through an overall reduction of the CO2e content.

IQ products are a viable safe solution for savings!

2Mila Srl is also a trader, supplier of virgin raw materials and Bio Compounds.

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