Published: 24/03/2020


Polycarbonate is the Engineering Thermoplastic widely used in durable market segments such as: Lighting, Appliances, Electrical and Automotive.

It has been for a long time the product-image of prestigious European raw material manufacturers.

It is an extremely tough material which requires however an intimate cultural understanding of its needs, together with a processing and design flexibility.

The modern Polycarbonate, most importantly, must be consistently and indisputably impeccable in properties combination.

These should combine Crystal clear transparency, Thermal resistance and stabilization, Impact strength.

But in our present phase of evolution toward a cleaner world, a high level of attention should be devoted to the environmental impact of its production system.

2Mila Srl has this sensitivity as already explained in other occasions. For this reason it is very glad to announce to have established a commercial cooperation with a very proactive Russian petrochemical company: Kazanorgsintez (Kazan).

Kazanorgsintez produces perfect products with the most sustainable production plant, based on non-phosgene technology.

Since 1999 2Mila has offered, with its sales development team, a very high level of professional support to sustain EU customers in their engineering material applications. This has been at the basis of this exciting cooperation

Mr. Virginio Ceccolini
CEO of 2Mila Srl

Among the large variety of products made available by Kazanorgsintez we today have selected the grade: PC010 URL1.

This grade has been tailored for optical parts, especially car front lights, where the optical and mechanical characteristics should be combined at best to make the necessary part quality.

Click here to download more information on the available Polycarbonate grades.

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