Published: 20/04/2021


ArcBiox materials are perfect for the cosmetic field.
They bring high dimensional stability, low warpage, low shrinkage, high thermal resistence, very nice surface appearance, colorability and, last but not least, fast molding cycles.

They have high green carbon content and are manufactured from certified compostable plastics according to the EN 13432 standard or, if the recollection system allows that, recyclable.

In the ArcBiox family it is possible to find also fully degradable-compostable glass reinforced grades thanks to the ABM proprietary Bioglass fiber technology.

The innovation and the respect for the planet was never so close, free your fantasy with us.



Mr. Chiaveri, the owner of Cormaf is decided about the role of industries for the future: “Sustainability and low carbon footprint are no longer an option. We need to face this truth and be prepared to answer our customers. For us the main driver in our work is always the combination of sustainability, functionality and aesthetics.”

Cormaf has been active in the cosmetic field since 1987. The company has always acted as a partner for its clients, often anticipating the need of its customers.

In the cosmetic field they propose to their customers a new compostable solution.
After having tested several products they have chosen ArcBiox B2011 of ABM (Finland) for their biodegradable and compostable cosmetic trousse with a living hinge.

This application is engineered in a way that the top lid and the base are molded in one sole piece, which implies the need for good flow, low warpage, high tenacity, high dimensional stability at the working conditions, above 70°C when shipped, or simply in a bag left in the car or on a table during summertime.

The high-performance ArcBiox materials have met our needs in terms of processability and sustainability for our product” closed Mr. Chiaveri.

The ArcBiox biopolymers are supported and distributed by 2Mila Srl.

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