Published: 20/04/2020


The trend towards more environmentally friendly products is in progress and is getting stronger day by day.

Numerous objects, applications are moving from fossil products to Bio materials and are evolving, thanks to new Biobased (hybrid) raw materials and also to the latest Bio – degradable and compostable – solutions, with high thermal and mechanical performance, produced by ABM Composite Oy.

Ingratex Srl, a Company based in Settimo Milanese (IT), has chosen ArcBiox™ materials for its brand new range of sports glasses IX-GEN©. These highly technical glasses are made in a single frame solution with a high number of possible customizations and do not require any maintenance (eg. no hinges).

This new Bio-Green sports eye-wear line is added to the already consolidated line of glasses developed with high performance fossil polymers.

Fundamental for the Italian company was the possibility of using the same equipment (mold) and the same lenses (dimension stability and shrinkage). In fact, the chosen Zeiss lenses are particularly performing and have been specifically created for this “wraparound” frame line of products.
They express very high optical and technical characteristics which are essential to guarantee high visual comfort in all conditions of use (sport and leisure).

The new ArcBiox™ compostable and degradable compound of ABM Composite, proposed by 2Mila Srl, is characterized by excellent thermal resistance from low temperatures and up to + 90°C. It offers excellent elasticity (also necessary for the assembly of the lenses), impact resistance (cold impact too), lightness, pleasant surface appearance and print-ability, short cycle time in production; the perfect answer to the evolutionary needs of the Ingratex management.

The new line of Bio-Green glasses can be offered in numerous pastel colors, among which the first chosen one was green. A color that, better than others symbolizes and confirms the important environmental milestone achieved by the company with this application.

More information about IX-GEN can be found here: www.ix-gen.it

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