Published: 20/04/2020


In private convivial events, organized by yourself, or with the support of specialized “Catering” services, the attention to detail is important. It shows the value of the guests for the host.

To the traditional elements, which make an event distinguished (e.g. quality of food, drinks, serving staff, attention to presentation), an important new detail must be added today: the attention to safeguarding the environment.

Cormaf Srl Company of Lainate (MI) has chosen ArcBiox™ of ABM Composite Oy for its new range of compostable glasses “From Nature To Nature”. The compostable Bio solution* is part of a wider range of “green” solutions produced by the company, which also includes hybrid biobased, recyclable solutions.

The new ArcBiox™ material family offers to customers some peculiar elements for the creation of new products for the home and leisure.

The main features are the following:

  • thermal resistance >80°C,
  • high modulus (rigidity),
  • impact resistance,
  • thermal insulation (cold or hot),
  • pleasant touch,
  • wide range of colors,
  • contact with food **,
  • suitable for microwave oven,
  • dishwasher safe,
  • easy process with traditional equipment,
  • short time production cycles,
  • 75% Bio materials content.

In times of doubts in regulations, the leading companies take a position and lead the way. Often ahead of the future. With its range of Bio products, Cormaf is already in the future!
With this new range of accessories (glasses and bowls) “From Nature to Nature” -design by MAIS Project-, the company has been able to combine both, respect for the environment with a high quality design.

In the world of raw material, the transition to organic products is now an unstoppable trend.
The transition speed though is often conditioned by the economic element.
Sometimes less favourable in the early stages of evolution. But this was and is never enough to stop a strong trend like this.

CORMAF Srl company has been operating since the 80s in the design of special items for cosmetics.
In the last forty years it has also entered the home sector, as well as closures and jewelry with solutions in tune with the “feel” of its customers who listen with great attention. Also for productions with limited editions.

Our company combines eco-sustainability with aesthetic taste, proposing solutions that are the right combination of market needs and those of the planet that hosts us. ABM’s ArcBiox™ high performance Biopolymers meet our needs and allow us to create original, glamorous projects in harmony with the environment.

Mr. Chiaveri
owner of Cormaf Srl

More information:

*ABM materials are made with products compliant with the EN 13432: 2002 compostability standard.
**ABM materials are produced in accordance with the European food contact standard (EU) No 10/2011.

For more details on ArcBiox materials, please contact: E.Sitta –  2Mila Srl

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