Published: 10/12/2019


The holiday season has arrived and even we here at 2Mila will take a break to celebrate: our offices will be closed from December 21st to January 6th inclusive, but for emergency issues you may contact us on +39.335.6147195.

For the occasion, our CEO Gancarlo Ceccolini wrote a message for you which you can find below: all of us here at 2Mila join him in wishing you all the best!

We are getting close to the end of 2019 and it’s becoming imperative to draw a brief summary about the outcome.

It’s unanimously recognized that this year the Automotive market indisputably suffered a heavy downturn, which negatively impacted on the whole satellites linked to it.

The new Electric revolution, the Green trend and the Circular Economy laws for the reduction of CO2 emissions, pose many question about the future of several materials and applications.

We are following these changes and prepare answers for our customers needs. Our IQ family and the philosophy that sustains it, something we presented some years ago, has increased its appeal and is gaining momentum.

The need for more technical transparent solutions also increased. This is the year where we successfully positioned our injection molding and extrusion virgin PC sourced from Russia; a beginning of a broader spread for Polycarbonate that will continue on Electrical and Lighting markets.

The industrial world is facing today what we call “Bio-confusion”.

Lots of questions arising about Biopolymers. In return limited, complex and sometimes confused answers are given.

But this green evolution trend will not stop and we all must be prepared.

We increased our knowledge about Biopolymers compounds and reinforced composites. We further investigated the most suitable, reasonable, areas of applicability for these new Bio products.

We developed for our customers precise answers by means of a tight cooperation with our Finish partners ABM Composite.

Our Sales and Marketing team has improved its competences and is right now able to provide effective solutions on both traditional ETP and Biopolymers.

We feel ready for next year’s challenges which we will fight and eventually win, side by side with our customers.

Please accept our Best Wishes!

Giancarlo Ceccolini
2Mila Srl

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