Published: 22/10/2020


Bio materials begin to be present in numerous semi-durable and durable domestic applications.

Segments where architects and designers are able to surprise the public with ingenious and functional solutions, attractive in shape and color.

ABM Composite Oy has developed a family of products, the ArcBiox™ MFA 10, 20, 30-B2000, proposed by 2Mila Srl, capable of replacing some important fossil products of great consumption such as ABS, Polystyrene and Polypropylene.

To respond adequately to growing needs, 2Mila has implemented a technical collaboration with Frilvam SpA, a company based in Nerviano (IT), Italian leader in the sector of master batches, to fine-tune tailor-made formulation bases to color the ArcBiox™ MFA family, compostable and suitable for Food Contact.

These materials have carved out their own space in the production of dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe tableware. With Frilvam’s new master batches they are ready to support the creativity of professionals and companies with a wide range of custom colors. No more boundaries to creativity then, but an opportunity for sustainable evolution.

About Frilvam SpA – Frilvam (www.frilvam.com) is an international, technically advanced Italian company that has been operating for 70 years in the field of coloring and additives of thermoplastic polymers.

An Italian leader specialized in the production of white, black, colored master batches, also with special effects, both for fossil polymers and for Bio and compostable materials.

The company stands out for its exceptional flexibility and speed in the development of the necessary formulation solutions.

ABM Composite Oy is a manufacturer of specialized and specific compounds for injection molding, and has proprietary formulations capable of competing with the main fossil materials, filled or reinforced with glass fibers.

ABM Composite produces also its special biodegradable and compostable glass fibers (Bio Glass Fibers), unique in their kind.

The innovative Bio Glass Fibers allow to add thermal and mechanical performance value to any polymeric base of Bio origin, without altering its degradation capacity in 180 days, as per EN 13432 standard.

For further information please send a mail to info@2milasrl.it or call us on +39.3245969132.

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