Published: 19/05/2019


This is a moment in which every relevant function of the Company should sit at the same table, ideally with the Customer beside.

It is the phase of the interview to our direct Customer who should know all about his final Customers and Market. I consider this the right moment for TEA (Total Environment Analysis): a crucial time when we ideally have to create an “ID Card” of the final product.

This will influence the decisions about the part we will make. In this document we will report all KEY aspects of the “character” of the final product. These elements will naturally influence the quality of the raw material we will chose and the design of the different components. Each question we will ask could be also deepen the level of understanding.

We could ask: What is it?
But at the same time: What shouldn’t it be?
This approach is valid for each question.
What does it do? or What shouldn’t it do? How does it work? Who will use it?”, When will it be used?

The last question in safety applications is crucial, because it can include “emergency” conditions, for instance.

Another important question is: How long?
This is also strategic for thermal characteristics, fatigue resistance, creep behaviour, or just for the warranty.
How much? This could imply technical-commercial quantitative aspects, but also the cost of the final product.
In innovation and development activities, an idea becomes a project, a project becomes an object, the object will become part of a system, the system will interact with a more complex system (a super system) and will be part of a specific market field.

Depending on the Company position, a product could be developed to :

  1. attack competition
  2. defend a niche
  3. complete the overall market offer
  4. open a new market or niche

In all cases the correct material selection is fundamental for the success of the application. Of course the Company concerns are extremely different if facing situation (a) or (d).

But you could count on us in any situation.

Article by Emilio Sitta

Article by Emilio Sitta

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