Published: 19/03/2021


The collaboration between 2Mila Srl and the petrochemical Kazanorgsintez – Taif Group- of Kazan (RU), is further strengthened with new grades of High Density Polyethylene.

2Mila Srl, former Italian distributor of “Green Tower” Polycarbonate and the high technical HDPE PE100, for Water and Gas pipes, expands its offer of PE both in Italy and in Eastern Europe, with new grades of Low Density and High Density Polyethylene.

2Mila acts as a solution provider for end users and transformers of plastic raw materials with its specialized Polymers, Technopolymers, Biopolymers and Compounds.

The annual global economic value generated World Wide by the PE in 2019 was approximately $ 107 billion.
The growth forecasts for the next 6 years are estimated at 3.4% per year, an increase that will bring the total value to approximately 130 billion dollars by 2027.

Among the polyolefin materials, PE, in particular low density PE, is certainly a pillar of this success. The consumption of PE is an indicator of the economic trend of each country, as is energy. For this reason, polyolefins are also defined as “short-term products”, because they reflect the dynamism of domestic markets very well.

In particular, Low Density materials have always played an important role in activities related to everyday life. It is therefore no coincidence that the highest consumption of PE worldwide is the prerogative of the packaging segment (see graph on the world trend of PE).

Quota di mercato globale del polietilene, per utente finale - anno 2019
Source: Fortune – Business Insights

Most of the final products made of LDPE and HDPE come from the extrusion process: thin sheets, linear film or blown film.

The LDPE (low density) and HDPE (high density) materials of Kazanorgsintez are made with state-of-the-art polymerization plants, based on European technologies and express a constant, controlled rheological quality, in accordance with the best European standards.

Among the available LDPE materials, we find three new grades with different viscosity, suitable for all major processing technologies: injection molding, single and multi-layer film extrusion, blown film extrusion and blow molding for hollow bodies.

These grades are:

  • LDPE 10803-020: is a grade intended for general pourposes, to manufacture films (industrial films for greenhouse covering and other agricultural needs) for food contact; to manufacture articles approved for packing and sealing medicines.
  • LDPE 15313-003: this grade, approved for food contact, is intended to manufacture thin film products, shrinkable films, for manufacture of pipes and fittings for cold domestic water supply.
  • LDPE 15813-020: this material is intended to manufacture products approved for food contact, or to manufacture toys. It is suitable for both injection molding and film extrusion.


New grades of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) available in Italy

The family of HDPE materials expands thanks to two new grades for films and one for injection molding:

  • HDPE 273-285D: this grade is intended for cold food packaging, bags and other broad purposes packages. It is meant specifically for the extrusion of packaging films.
  • HDPE 293-285D: is a grade meant to be processed with the extrusion method into films of minimum 5 μm thickness and used for cold food packaging and other general purposes such as bags or in a wide variety of packaging.
  • HDPE PE2NT22-12: this is a specific injection moulding grade for household articles and applications. It shows an increased cracking resistance which made it suitable for bottle lids, box covers, boxes, containers, trays, housewares, parts of pastry and piping syringes, toys.


For more information: info@2milasrl.it

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