Published: 23/09/2021


Here we are! We have entered the second half of the year and, as every year, the speed of development activities in companies will grow exponentially from now to December.

For some, the goal will be to bridge the gap between the forecast for the year and the consolidated first half results. For others, it will be sufficient to manage the competitive advantage already obtained, in the best way possible.

In any case, for everyone, it is a time for checking up projects in progress, or to start new developmental projects that can consolidate the companies in the trend and, possibly, improve their positions in the next coming year. If we take a look back, very quickly we see that the first half of 2021 has been extremely positive for plastics, which have undergone much higher growth than imagined at the end of 2020.


When things get complex

However, this was also a very tense first half, due to the high difficulty in finding raw materials and characterized as well by great volatility of raw materials prices. A condition not yet fully stabilized.

A situation that has actually shown the importance of the ability to establish, manage and maintain, strategic collaborative relationships with suppliers and with all the players of the raw materials market, in the best way possible.

In this particular context, the seriousness, perseverance and experience of 2Mila Srl management in the field of raw materials, has made the difference for many companies.

In particular for several Polycarbonate and Polyolefin (HDPE and PE) converters, who were able to keep their commitments thanks to  our offer of polymers from Russia, the result of the agreements signed by 2Mila with the Kazanorgsintez group.


Sustainable rules

The great commitment devoted to managing the current situation, however, has never reduced the focus of 2Mila for the future and for the issues related to sustainability. An element not to be underestimated for all industries and many industrial productions,  as it is to be an increasingly strategic factor from now on.

The launch of the new series of recycled Xvalue™ Second life compounds based on PS, ABS, PC and PC / ABS, the new collaborations opened in the field of recycled and sustainable materials, together with the consolidated partnership with ABM Composite are proof of a corporate commitment, aimed at satisfying the future needs of its customers, both in Italy and abroad.


Solutions for all industries

The wide range of solutions proposed by 2Mila, in tune with the European agenda on Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability, makes it an extremely interesting partner for anyone working in the field of plastics conversion.

Particularly for those companies operating in the injection molding, extrusion, or blow molding sectors.


2Mila offers a vast range of solutions, from compounds to polymers and biopolymers, and a trading service, providing for the needs of such different industrial sectors as trasportation the production of electrical appliances and the electrical and lighting industries.


For direct contacts, advice and information, please write to info@2milasrl.it, or call +39 02 39449567.

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